Friday, 11 February 2011

Cambridge Eats

(oops, I meant to post this yesterday and just..didn't, it would seem)

The last few days have been exhausting. Yesterday, my alarm started with a 5. And the day before that with a 6. Today is started with an 8, so I am a lot happier and much more alive!

Anyway, nothing much has been happening other than rowing (a lot), working, eating, sleeping (not a lot), and more rowing. But! I did manage to meet up with one of my friends last night for some of Cambridge's finest dinner offerings, Dojo's, an Asian-fusion kind of noodle bar that is delicious, and cheap! The only reason I feel compelled to write about it is because I've now eaten there twice in the space of a week, and I brought my camera with me.

Last Friday, my crew (as in the, the other 7 girls who are in my boat + our cox) went there for 'crew pasta' before racing on Saturday. We were entered into Head of the Nene, in Peterborough (about 90mins from Cambridge), a 5k race down an essentially straight and very boring course, so decided to go out together to carb load. We found out that afternoon that the race was cancelled because of high winds, which was a shame, but racing in those conditions would have been very miserable.

In any case, we went to Dojo's anyway, and I brought the camera!

As usual, this looks a lot less appetising than it actually was. Pad thai, always delicious. And I got the same thing with Naomi last night, but we brought it back to my room and chatted for a while. Seeing old friends is really nice, especially after a long day.

Also on Friday, I had a culinary success. I made scrambled eggs. In the microwave.

Look how yellow and fluffy!! I was very proud.

Now settled down with some dark chocolate and green tea. Yum.