Sunday, 6 February 2011

Doctor Who

(edit) Apparently not everyone has heard of Doctor Who. I found this out when I tried explaining this to my mother. Whoops. Anyway, it's a British SciFi TV show that's been running since 1963 and is hugely popular with a massive cult following. That is all.

Doctor Who is one of several English things I still really don't understand, even after three and a half years over here. I watched it for the first time in my first term with some British friends, and was just very confused. Too many weird creatures and things, and I had no understanding of the background.

Anyway, last night college had a bop (just a party..) with the theme 'Time Machine,' and a bunch of my friends decided the go for a Doctor Who theme, since the Doctor has a time travelling police box, know as a TARDIS. This also means that it gave them something to build for the party.

So, for the past week, this has taken over our staircase:

On the move..

And fully assembled!

Following this thing around Trinity was very surreal.. To get it to the party we had to cross a road - I can only imagine what the drivers were thinking..

Another reason for the Doctor Who theme was that the Doctor can't actually die, he just 'regenerates,' which is why the show has been going on for so long and there have been so many different doctors. Thus, the boys all dressed up as different incarnations. Additionally, the doctor goes through a number of 'companions,' usually women, unsurprisingly, and so I dressed up as one of these. I was actually very excited about my costume, I went round to a charity shop to pick up necessary pieces, and even attempted to (temporarily) dye my hair red. Didn't work, but it was fun to try! Somehow I failed to get any photos of me, but will attempt to find some from my friends. On the upside, people did recognise who I was trying to be, so it was a successful attempt!

Off to the boathouse now..


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