Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So keeping this up has been harder than I anticipated, possibly because the last few weeks have been harder than I anticipated. Academically, not much has changed in my life, and the relative rhythm I had going on is still in tact.

The difference is.. rowing. For the last week or two, we have upped our training intensity significantly. We're doing some kind of training (either going out on the water for an outing, or rowing on the machines (erging), or weights) every day, and often doing two sessions a day.

Thus, I am exhausted. It is actually really fun. I would never have considered myself to be really an athlete, not even in Middle School when I played a sport every season. We had practices every day after school, but it really can't quite compare to this. I've been rowing in our boat club's 1st VIII for almost a year and a half now, but this term we have really stepped it up. Our position in Lent Bumps (this will require rather a long explanation, which will be forthcoming) is such that we really need to work hard. And so we are! Fortunately this week we're doing less early morning stuff, but I find that rowing 16k still makes me tired whether it's at 7am, 3pm, or 7pm.

I am now off to a supervision, and will be heading straight to the boathouse from there. I wish I could say at least it's sunny, but I can say 'at least it's not raining!'